Silicon Valley comes to Lisbon

Lisbon, 15 & 16 November 2012

Silicon Valley comes to Lisbon is an event about entrepreneurship, innovation, open minds, idea exchange and networking. (know more)

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Excellent learning experience from some of the best of the field. Great to put oneself on the appropriate entrepreneurial mindset, i.e. accept failure and make the best of the experience. A treat for the mind.
Daniel Loureiro, Universidade do Porto
We do not have in Portugal events like this and everyone that thinks about innovation, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and so on and so forth should attend these events.
Joana Lamego, IBET/ITQB-UNL
I do think that this might become a mandatory event for all those that are/ want to become entrepreneurs. Congratulations for this great event ! Keep them coming!
Henrique Ventura, Gásquatro
Keep it up! Portugal has a very huge potential! (…) What we really need is to take the step, move forward, accept the risk of our projects. And this kind of events are essential for that, by hearing other people who stepped into the entrepreneurship (sic), who had the courage and now they show to the world how they make it possible. We, Portuguese people, need that. That's the missing link for the Portuguese's success!
Rui Costa, BPI
It's a great event, full of criative (sic) an amazing people, and it helps the Portuguese startup community to grow faster and stronger.
Diogo Teles,Mobbito
Not only an inspiring and encouraging event, but the networking promoted was amazing!
Joaquim Duarte Silva, Leap
The organizers worked with passion and did a spectacular job of bringing people together to catalyze the proliferation of tech startups in Portugal.
Limor Schweitzer,
Amazing event with really interesting people.
Bernardo Raposo, Connect Coimbra