Silicon Valley comes to Lisbon

Lisbon, 15 & 16 November 2012

Silicon Valley comes to Lisbon is an event about entrepreneurship, innovation, open minds, idea exchange and networking. (know more)


David Bizer

Hamburg, GERMANY

David Bizer is HackFwd’s Chief Talent Geek. He’s the “front door”, because at HackFwd it’s about finding the right team. David’s experience in staffing and talent management allowsHackFwd to identify, evaluate and develop the top 1% of European technical founders.

In 2003, David was named the first European recruiter at Google where he led Google’s staffing efforts across Europe for 20+ sales offices and all technical graduate recruitment.

David started his career in staffing at Netscape which was perhaps the most exciting internet company on the planet. Having learned with the best at Netscape, David then joined Trilogy to lead their European Recruitment efforts, sourcing Computer Science graduates from top universities in Western Europe.

David has a unique, global background discovering talent from Silicon Valley to the technology hubs of Europe. For 15 years, David has led recruitment efforts resulting in hiring over 4000 candidates across 25+ countries.