Silicon Valley comes to Lisbon

Lisbon, 15 & 16 November 2012

Silicon Valley comes to Lisbon is an event about entrepreneurship, innovation, open minds, idea exchange and networking. (know more)

November 15th – Invitation day:

For a private group of selected entrepreneurs and guest. The day will include on speed networking, top mentoring and workshops with invited speakers, investors, academics and business people.

Do you want to present your idea or project to top mentors and received feedback? Go forward! – apply here

November 16th – Conference (Open Conference) - buy now

More than 600 participants will be able to choose from a vast number of activities that will take place in the venue: panels of speakers discussing together critical issues on entrepreneurship, technology and business; Keynote speeches and parallel talk sessions, on the defined themes; showcasing of innovative products of selected sponsors and several networking, pitching, presentation and cultural routines on the venue’s foyers.

Free wi-fi, Meet Hub Plataform and a Blogger’s/Twitter Alley with large tables and power sockets will be provided to spur the online sharing of each one’s experience.

Premium Pack - buy now

Full access to all events of SVc2Lx: Conference (with party) + VIP Dinner + Music Showcase + 3xMovie Screenings + Final Party + Premium Merchandising.