Silicon Valley comes to Lisbon

Lisbon, 15 & 16 November 2012

Silicon Valley comes to Lisbon is an event about entrepreneurship, innovation, open minds, idea exchange and networking. (know more)

Main Event

Silicon Valley Comes to Lisbon is a non-profit event organized by Beta-i.
Its purpose is to promote intercultural and intellectual sharing and networking of people from diverse backgrounds - academics, students, entrepreneurs and businessmen. It is a very networking-oriented event with the explicit objective of promoting learning experiences to its participants through private mentoring, speed networking, discussion panels and master classes.

After the astonishing success and feedback achieved on the first edition last year, a second edition is being held during 2012.

This year besides the main event in November, Beta-i organized during the Lisbon Council Entrepreneurship Week last May, the SVc2Lx_Sessions, a warm-up event consisting of an informal afternoon with four talks and a participative debate by international speakers (|sessions).  

As to the SVc2Lx main event it will occur on the 15th and 16th of November, once again as one of the anchor events of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) in Lisbon.*
In these two days, prominent entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley will come to Lisbon to share their knowledge and experience with the local community of students, entrepreneurs, academics and general public, in networking events, mentoring sessions and master classes.

The first day will be a by invitation only session, where workshops, private and group networking as well as mentoring sessions will be promoted between the invited speakers and selected MBA students, academics, entrepreneurs, investors and business people. 

On the second day, the public conference will start and end with panels of several speakers discussing together critical issues on entrepreneurship, technology and business. Keynote speeches will also occur during the day, where guest speakers will share their perspectives on the defined themes, in participative talks. During the day several master classes and workshops will also be running in parallel, as well as several networking and pitching routines.

With the intent to increase the SVc2Lx spirit and to promote and set up minds for the main conference, several sessions will also be brought up throughout the month of November:

  • The University Sessions, where students outside of Lisbon will be able to attend in their own campus to three different days of moderated debates with contents selected by the SVc2Lx team, as well as to the open day conference through a webcast session, on the 16th. 
  • Some more cultural not-so-much-in-the-box moments, aiming to foster stronger network moments between the public and the speakers and greater awareness around entrepreneurship and innovation:
    • Three movie screenings sessions, followed by debate, of documentaries, feature films and web and tv news reports on entrepreneurial and innovation themes.
    • A live concert coproduced by Beta-i, as part of a music record crowd funding project.
    • A SVc2Lx and GEW final party in the evening of the 16th, aimed to flourish informal networking between all the Portuguese Entrepreneurial ecosystem.

* Beta-i will also organize two other major events during the GEW: the Lisbon edition of SeedCamp and the Startup Weekend, which will complement the range of activities available to Entrepreneurs.

Beta-i is a non-profit association. We were born in 2010 and have one mission: innovative entrepreneurship!

We do this through three working areas:

  • Create and foster a culture and network of entrepreneurship and innovation (that is to say to promote contact and exchange of contacts between people interested in entrepreneurship and innovation).
  • Speed up start-ups with global ambitions and facilitate access to investment (this is our core: idea acceleration programs like the six-week Beta-Start or the Startup Weekend)
  • Create spaces, services and products focused on the entrepreneur. In all our activities we seek to contribute to the development of a new culture of entrepreneurship.

Beta-i has today 39 members from various professional fields, which find in Beta-i a way to assert their civic involvement and their passion for entrepreneurship.